Pricing / Payments

Pricing for Our Services

Need an un-biased home inspection or energy audit on your home? Pricing for these services is broken down into different categories based on the size on the home. Discounts for combining a home inspection with energy auditing services are available when both are performed at the same visit. We look forward to the opportunity to help with any of your home inspection needs.

House Size Home Inspection
(Buyer or Seller)
Single Measure Energy Audit
(Blower Door or Duct Test)
Home Performance Energy Audit
(Includes all diagnostic testing and HES report)
Up to 1,000sqft $405.00 $150.00 $225.00
1,001 - 2,000sqft $425.00 $175.00 $275.00
2,001 - 3,000sqft $475.00 $200.00 $325.00
3,001 - 4,000sqft $555.00 $225.00 $375.00
4,000+sqft $625.00 $275.00 $450.00

Note: Pricing is for Eugene/Springfield homes. Homes greater than 20 miles from our office will include additional travel charges.
Note: When adding a Single Measure or Home Performance Energy Audit to a Home Inspection the Audit is discounted by 50% (if done at same time as Home Inspection).
Note: Homes greater than 50 years old add $50. Homes greater than 75 years old add $100.
Note: Unattached garages and outbuildings are not included in the above Home Inspection pricing. Fee for inspecting unattached structures under 500 sqft: $75, 501-1,000sqft: $125.

For Quality Assurance and other targeted inspection services please call for pricing.

Re-Inspection Charge

For re-inspecting building component to verify repairs or corrections have been made, pricing starts at $125 for the first hour of inspecting with additional charges after first hour.


Seniors receive a 5% discount from services.
Active Military and Veterans receive a 5% discount for services.
*Single discount only, cannot be combined.


Credit Card

Payments made with a Visa and Master Card will include a 3% service charge. Payments made with cash receive a 3% discount (exact change required). Payment is due at time of inspection/audit.